About us

SC Branding is a Branding & design house with international expertise and
an extensive portfolio, established in 2011.
Our goal is to offer material and ideas based on creative expertise, deep research and inspired implementation.
SC Branding has a reputation for bespoke designs of the very highest quality and for providing excellent services.

Our People

We have a team of highly skilled and efficient members who are committed to provide excellence across the entire board of services that we offer.
Bhutan Brand developer Sonam Chophel

Sonam Chophel
Creative Director

As founder of SC Branding, Sonam pours creativity into each project while keeping the message purposeful and clear. Sonam knows how to take a project from the concept in his head through to final delivery. Sonam’s passion for branding and committed to build the next big brand in Bhutan.

Best designer from Bhutan

Brand Strategist

A curious learner with a deep interest to work on new and complex projects. Over 5 years of experience working on domains of economics, engineering, and environment. Recognized for curating new methodologies, designing efficient work plans, applying research and data analytics skills to find innovative solutions, and facilitating capacity development.

Bhutan associate designer

Dondup Roder
Design Associate

Dondup lives half the year in Switzerland and the rest in Bhutan. He loves designing and is specialized in UX design and Typography. A master graphic designer who ensure that our designs stands the best.

Bhutan office management

Sangay Phuntsho
Operations Manager

Sangay is responsible for the day-to-day operations and management of the agency. He is also responsible for the co-ordination of suppliers and budgeting aspects of projects, working closely with the design team, contractors and clients.

Bhutan Brand developer Sonam Chophel

Digital Specialist

Ashok is deeply passionate about the field of UI/UX design and has actively contributed to numerous projects. In addition to his regular design work, he enthusiastically freelances, catering to internatoinal clients.

Best designer from Bhutan

Graphic Design

Finso possesses a deep passion for art and design, particularly in the way how design is interconnected and communicated. She possesses a fervor for introducing innovative and cutting-edge design ideas and trends into her work.

Bhutan associate designer

Commerical Interiors

I love design and my objective is to craft interior spaces that effectively convey the brand's message. I have a profound affection for interior design and hold expertise in both spatial and commercial interior design realms.

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