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SC Branding is Bhutan's first and top provider of creative original & captivating branding solution for clients.
Our goal is to offer material and ideas based on creative expertise, deep research and inspired implementation. Our daily challenge is to balance between high aesthetics design, targeted marketing, effective communication and digital applications in order to produce unique and functional results.
SC Branding is specialized in developing your brand, focusing on shaping the exclusive culture of the company, with our mind always on providing the customer with the ultimate experience. It is the first company in Bhutan to propose and implement Brand Management & Development.
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Brand Research

Brand research is the foundation to unravel all your brand's intangible facets. It provides you with powerful insights which offer you an understanding of the market space and your consumer's needs. These insights are necessary in order for your brand to excel and deliver sustainable business results.

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Brand Strategy

Your brand strategy elucidates everything that you as a brand stand for. When conveyed successfully, it contributes to evoke a strong feeling inside the minds of your consumers. This increases the chances of being the first brand your consumer thinks of when looking for your product and/or services. With a structured and consistent brand strategy you provide your business with a long-term solution to ensure future success.

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Brand Experience

Brand experience establishes a deep and meaningful connection between you and your consumers. A strong brand experience consists of touch points which are seamlessly interacting with each other in order to excite and delight. With enduring and consistent experiences, your brand will achieve scale in the market space and increase customer loyalty.

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Commercial Interior Design

Our team delivers, design and spatial design for all forms, wether its your retail store or merchandise display, we have it all. Moreover, commercial interior design is a new trend that is growing in Bhutan and we are excited to offer our professional services extending to residential, commercial and hospitality industry.

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Druk Metho

Druk Metho

Bhutan for Life brand

Bhutan for Life brand

Bhutan Journey Logo

Bhutan Journey Logo
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Our beer design and concepts were fully development by the incredible team of dedicated team. A highly recommended agency to create your brand from scratch.

karma Choeda

Serbhum brewery

For those looking to seriously build your brand and leverage your brand, they are the go to guys in Bhutan!! Worth every penny of your investmetn

Anand Gurung

CEO, Keystobhutan

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