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SC Branding is a top provider of creative original and captivating design solutions for clients in a wide variety of markets in Bhutan. SC Branding fuses marketing intelligence and creative problem-solving to produce the most creative, memorable, and effective communications possible for our clients.

SC Branding is small strategic design agency with big project experience that fuses a passion for creative communication with clients who make a difference. We collaborate with you to visually- charge your message with a uniquely authentic and memorable voice that stands our from the crowd.


sonam chophel


As founder of SC Branding, Sonam pours creativity into each project while keeping the message purposeful and clear. For Sonam, design is about communication, not decoration. This approach has led to awards for his design work from Government to Organizations in the country. Sonam knows how to take a project from the concept in his head through to final delivery.

Sonam’s passion for great design only rivaled by his commitment to sustainability issues. When Sonam is not making his clients happy, he is out hanging with the Artists from Bhutan at VAST Bhutan or expanding his creativity by making culinary masterpieces in the kitchen.


Who are you? What do you do?Why does it matter? Who needs to know and how will they find out?  These questions are at the heart of my process with clients. They look like easy questions, but take effort to respond to.  Only with a clear vision can your inspiration be transferred to the page.  I take your passion and create a design that will engage your target audience..


Ever since becoming part of VAST(Voluntary Art Studio of Thimphu), I have been active as a designer, artist & illustrator. At the start of 2010, I founded my own independent design practice from my home base, Thimphu. When the opportunity arises, I travel abroad to keep up a fresh perspective.


I am completely in love and obsessed with design, identity and cultures. Apart from running my own business, I love to paint.


2012 – Winner of Royal Textile Academy Logo Competition

2012 – Nominated for World Bank, Imagining our future together art contest

2012 –  Winner of Bhutan Olympic Committee Logo Competition

2008 – Winner of Seal of Excellence and Quality


Babara Adler
The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, School of Design

Kama Wangdi
(Founder VAST-Voluntary Artist Studio of Thimphu, Bhutan)

Yannick Jooris
(Freelance Filmmaker/Photographer)
Institute of Language and Culture Studies, Taktse, Trongsa Bhutan

Jane Hancock
(Board President, Music of Bhutan Research Center)

Dondup Roder


Dhondup has been working in Thimphu since 2013 as a freelance graphic designer. He is also interested in pursuing Buddhist studios. He is currently the creative director of Riyang books.

Visual Artist | Graphic Designer

Seeks to use design as weapon for


positive social change


School of Visual Arts, New York
BFA 2010


Abode Photoshop | Abode In-Design

Abode Illustrator | Abode Premiere

Abode After Effects | Cinema 4D

Art Direction | Creative Direction

Visual Communication | Typography


Graham Elliott | Fovea Films | New York, USA

E grahamelliott747@hotmail.com

T +1.646.345.5485

W foveafilmsnyc.com

Adrienna Leban | The Lifeworks Studio | New York, USA

E amleban@yahoo.com

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