SC Art studio was founded to provide energized, satisfying and safe studio environment for artists of all ages.

Why SC Art studio? We strive to explore a variety of genres and mediums to enhance creativity ”beyond” traditional drawing and painting and, in doing so, become a central destination for the ART community in our area.

SC Art studio provides all students with challenging and engaging visual art enrichment programs to cultivate their interest and inner drive to participate in creative visual arts. Courses are built around creative activities that are captivating and entertaining as well as educational. Classes typically have between 12 and 14 students and are taught by certified instructors . Our programs are aimed at the average to ‘gifted’ students of all ages who participate by choice and most often are enthusiastic and motivated learners.


After-School Classes

Drawing, Painting, & Mixed Media

After-School Classes times are:
Wednesday and Thursday 4:30 PM – 6:30 PM Ages 10-12

COST:Nu.3000 for 4 weekly classes; Early registration discount; Group of 10 Discount


Weekend Classes

Drawing, Painting, & Mixed Media

Saturday and Sunday 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM Ages 6-9

Saturday and Sunday 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM Ages 12-17

COST:Nu.3000 for 4 weekly classes; Early registration discount; Group of 10 Discount



Adult Classes and Workshops

Art & Beyond offers day, evening and weekend courses for Adults and Teens.
Our summer Session Course Selections now enrolling.

Please Note: Class sizes are limited to ensure personalized instruction, register early to secure your spot! Many classes require specific materials. Please call us if you have any questions.


Drawing Fundamentals

Pricing: Nu.3000 for 4 weekly classes

Location: SC Art Studio, Gadhen Khangzang Apartments, Level 1

This class runs for 8 weeks, each class is two hours in length.

Day Dates Times Instructor
Saturday and Sunday 6/06 – 8/08 6:30 – 8:30 PM Maiyesh & Sonam

Art supplies will be available for purchase at the Studio. The supplies are hand picked and chosen specifically to fulfill your art classes requirements.


Supplies Required:

  1. Sketch Book
  2. Art Pencils
  3. Erasers
  4. Charcoal
  5. Pastel
  6. Pastel Paper


For Advanced Lessons:

  1. Watercolor
  2. Brushes
  3. Color Palette
  4. Sponge
  5. Colored Pencils
  6. Kneaded Eraser

Upcoming workshops- Dates not specified yet










Please check our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for answers to commonly asked questions.

Where are you located?

We are located at 1st floor, Gadhen Khangzang Apartments, Phendey Lam.

How long is a session? How many classes are covered by the tuition?

Our sessions run for 2 months. The average number of classes is 8 but may be more or less depending on if there are holidays or school vacations.  Tuition price remains the same.

Sessions for the 2015-2016 school year


Class are considered ongoing for June through December. Lessons do not repeat and most students stay for the entire year. Students may join mid-session, we have rolling admission, or you can wait until the next session begins.

How much do classes cost?

Class prices: Nu.3000 for 4 weeks, 8 weekly session in total.

All students are required to pay the Art classes fee, one week after the registration.

A new session has already started, can I still join?

Yes. We have rolling admissions and a student may join a class at any time. We pro-rate tuition for classes not attended during the start of a session. Tuition cannot be pro-rated for classes missed due to absences.

What are the classes like? Are classes for beginners or more advanced students?

As we only have a max of 10 students in class which allows for all levels of skills within one classroom. All levels are welcomed within a class unless otherwise noted in the class description. Students are able to work closely with their instructor at their own pace and with lots of one on one attention.

What ages attend kids, teens or adult classes?

Kids classes include children from age 6-9, 10-12, 12-17 and adults. High school students are able to take most adult classes, some students may need to have their skills evaluated to attend adult courses. Some classes are listed as teen and adult and will be a mix of ages.

Do I need my own materials or will the studio provide them?

All materials needs to be purchased for the art classes . A supply list is provided with all the required materials.

All supplies will be available for purchase with affordable prices from the Studio.

Art Materials needs to be purchased. All Art Supplies will be available for purchase at our Studio.

Once the classes are registered with 10 students, we wont be accepting any more students.
Please register at your earliest to secure your spot for the art classes.