SC Art studio was founded to provide everyone the opportunity to learn and draw regardless of you knowing how to draw or paint. We belive that everyone is artistic in their own unique way. Our studio was founded to provide energized, satisfying and safe studio environment for artists of all ages.We strive to explore a variety of genres and mediums to enhance creativity ”beyond” traditional drawing and painting and, in doing so, become a central destination for the ART community in our area.

SC Art studio provides all students with challenging and engaging visual art enrichment programs to cultivate their interest and inner drive to participate in creative visual arts. Courses are built around creative activities that are captivating and entertaining as well as educational. Classes typically have between 12 and 14 students and are taught by certified instructors . Our programs are aimed at the average to ‘gifted’ students of all ages who participate by choice and most often are enthusiastic and motivated learners.