A as part of Beskop Tshechu 2013, we have a series of exciting and interesting film related workshops and seminars.
The first one (detailed information here attached) is a 6 day workshop conducted by an Indian artist and animator called “Animation Home-made” which teaches and explores art techniques to make animation without fancy software. It will take place from August 30-September 4th in VAST.
Animation as a medium of filmmaking can be as challenging and as liberating as the artist wants it to be. Neither restricted by the boundaries of the live action medium nor cloning it, the process of arriving at animated action is enriched by the spirit of playfulness, curiosity and inventiveness. Often misunderstood as being dependent on ‘cutting edge technology’, it is in fact a most accessible medium of storytelling that can go as far as the artist’s imagination can take it. This workshop will explore the accessi- bility and playfulness of animated storytelling. At the end of the week long workshop, each participant will have made one short
animation to be exhibited during Beskop Tshechu, and which can be submitted elsewhere for screening as they choose.
Aditi Chitre is an artist exploring storytelling through the medium of animation filmmaking. Two years after training as a painter at the Faculty of Fine Arts, MSU Baroda, she embarked upon the adventure of learning animation through practice, and made her first animated short film The Mall On Top Of My House in 2006. Journey to Nagaland is her second film. Through her collabora- tions with documentary filmmakers, she also engages with the narrative fusion of live action and animation.
The workshop is free and open to all but registration is required, as seats are LIMITED..:)